Bed Room

Bed Room


This Wardrobe is designed to fulfill all your storage needs in an efficient and classy way. it essential make is inspired from classical style language with just a light touch of modern aesthetics. Suitable for simple and yet subtle interiors, Wardrobe storage system will help you to optimize space in your bedrooms perfectly. It comes with two top shelves, ample space to hang clothes, double middle drawers, and base shelves. It also has two base drawers shoe storage. The outer surface is made of plywood laminate, with the base drawers in a contrasting hue. Wardrobe can perfectly align against the walls to create a proper systematic storage section.


A mid century marvel, bed would give a contemporary makeover to your bedroom, with just the right amount of traditional glamour and a delectable accent. The curvaceous design is endearing and exuberates a pleasing appeal. Mid century modern designs seek to create a seamless flow of style elements with a chic medley of functionality and simplicity. The structure of this bed presents an organic shape with fine craftsmanship. The whole idea of mid century modern designs is to create a fine balance between natural organic shapes with the man made shapes. The ergonomic design is delicately crafted to provide you adequate comfort with the smoothly bending head board and a low rise from the floor. Mid century modern designs brilliantly suit both modern and classic decors. This is constructed out of solid wood, with available variants of Sheesham and Teak. The quaint and charming grain of both these hardwoods is certain to highlight modern aesthetics with a classic appeal. You further get the option to customize the wooden finish and size of the bed to suit your needs.


This bed is a perfect utility bed that lets you store your belongings in style. This bed comes with storage space at the bottom and at the top of the headrest. At the bottom you’ll get plenty of space to store your pillows and bed sheets while at the top of the headrest you can neatly arrange your books, photo frames and alarm clock. Once you lie down on this bed you wouldn’t want to get up or move an inch.This aesthetic bed is all simple, clean lines and no fuss. The vertical slats in the headboard give it a light, airy look. Plain finished seamless surfaces render its modern look. The rich solid wood texture adds a sophisticated look to your bedroom.


This is a classy bed that will compliment the chic decor of your home. Its straight lines, distinct frame and finish of the headboard dominate the overall design of this bed. The headboard of this bed can be further customised to match any of the design themes. The simple and minimal design of this bed makes it is easy to dismantle, transport and assemble without any hassle.It’s all wood. Its sleek frame and minimalist design exude a contemporary flavour and blend in seamlessly with various styles of decor. A gently curving headboard supports your back, letting you sit up to read, watch TV or simply have a conversation. Layer the bed with plush quilts and fluffy pillows for a warm, cosy nook you’ll never want to leave.